Who do you think you are!?

Well, Ronda Reyes was never really sure who she was until life proved it.
Born Baby Reyes in Miami Hospital, she was adopted at five days old to a loving farm family in Kansas.
Childhood was spent outside on her bike or chasing wild cats in the barn or climbing trees. Her most vivid memories include reading lots of books to imagine adventure, flying off the swing set, and practicing piano because her mom forced her.
In junior high, her dad and older adopted brother passed away leaving behind a broken denial filled teenager left with a mom completely in survival mode.
So high school brought the opportunity to be involved in every activity from music to drama to sports to academic excellence.
College in Springfield, Missouri allowed Ronda to focus on volleyball, business, and music. However, it was not music’s path at the time, despite many years of piano, flute, and vocal lessons with countless performances on stage.
Graduating with a degree in marketing and business, she moved to Branson, Missouri to then ultimately marry a Nebraska boy. After a few moves to and from California and Nebraska, South Dakota became home to the family including one tiny puppy (with 2 gone now) and three little girls.
Years passed as a marketing professional in statistical analysis and data reporting as an MBA, however after the death of her adopted ‘real’ mom, she found her birth family in Miami, Florida. Cuban, Italian, and spanish heritage with birth dad, siblings, aunt’s, uncle’s, cousins, and more extended family to count, she was Kung Fu Panda’d an entire family rooting her to this story.
Music flooded back to life and became a dependent outlet for grief and transition to a new life experience. Also, the many difficult situations her friends and family faced every day dropped through each note, lyric, and melody as an emotional outpouring. Songs of defiance, dedication, desperation, despondency…and ultimately healing now define Ronda Reyes.
And through collaboration with Ebenezer Mensah (her daughter’s piano teacher), the best music producer on the planet/end to end music extraordinare…this music album, Ransom, was born October 6, 2017.